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We’re the local experts you need when you want to experience outstanding client service, meet knowledgeable specialists, be well-informed throughout your journey, and achieve your real estate goals. Our success is not measured by  awards, it’s based on your satisfaction. 

We have ALWAYS offered different pricing plans -- sometimes you need a little help, sometimes you need a LOT of help.  We are here for all of it. 

We are  trained for unique situations, we have agents that specialize in Probate and Estates, investments, HUD Purchases, Land/Home Packages, New Construction, Rehabilitations, Military Relocation, 1031 Tax Deferred transactions and more!  

Discovering the perfect home can be difficult.

We're here to make the process easier - here are some of our favorites to help you get started.

Find your dream house.

The brightest minds and solutions-driven attitude distinguish us in a competitive real estate market.

We are Inner Banks Real Estate Group, Inc.

Our greatest passions include modern marketing and providing extraordinary customer service. 

For over a decade, our company has been one of the leading real estate agencies in the area. During these years, we’ve learned how to navigate through the complex processes associated with buying and selling real estate. Our goal is to guide you in this complicated time and make your transaction as seamless as possible.

Let's talk

Tell us about your most important real estate goals. Understanding your needs is an important first step in the buying process.


We are licensed in North Carolina AND Virginia, members of all 3 local MLS systems, which gives you maximum national exposure for your property.  We offer 3D photography, professional photo packages, 2D Floor plans, drone photos and exceptional care.  Whether you need a little bit of help, or a lot of help - we have some of the most experienced agents in the area.  

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Check out what's for sale and schedule showings on any properties you may like. When you've found the perfect house, we'll submit an offer!

Offer Accepted

Once an offer is accepted, we'll help you navigate through every step of the process and answer all of your questions.  This is where we REALLY shine!  We have a dream team of vendors that help us investigate your property, we may further negotiate items and terms and help bring the property to closing. 

It's Official

You're officially a homeowner! Now it's time to get the keys and make this house your home.  We can't wait to see how you make it your own! 

Success stories

Your satisfaction is our top priority. See what our past clients are saying about their experience with us.

Bright minds and strong negotiating skills are just a couple of the attributes that set us apart. 


What makes us special?

The Real Estate industry has changed so much in the past years - it is ever evolving and we have always moved with it.  Each Client, customer and situation are so unique and deserves an approach that fits.  We provide excellent care and service at the fairest prices.  We are not "discount brokers", we simply do the job as it needs to be done.  Sometimes people need a little help, sometimes people need a LOT of help; either way, we are delighted to do so! 

Led by knowledgeable and experienced innovators, our team serves you with accuracy and refinement, providing the most suitable resolutions.


Find the best area for you

If you’re not sure where’s your place, don’t worry! We’ll be happy to help you find it

At the beginning, think about your preferred lifestyle, the amenities you’d like to have in your new home, or what you’d like to see behind your window. 

Our blog posts news

Mastering the basis of real estate matters may be the best way to feel more confident during your journey. 

Buying a house - whether it’s your first or fifth - can be a bumpy process. Between the financing, the availability (or scarcity) of homes on the market in your price range that meet your needs, the offer process, the appraisal and the inspection, there’s a lot…
Moving is stressful all on its own, but when you add in the complications that kids or pets (or both) can bring to the mix, it can feel downright impossible. Depending on the age of your children and whether your fur baby is a cat or a dog, some moves can be easier than…
Between micro-apartments, tiny homes, and even #vanlife, the real estate industry is taking the saying “less is more” to previously unknown levels. And while we can all get behind the idea of streamlining your life and shedding possessions that no longer meet…
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